Fannie Mae: Economic rebound on the horizon

The proposed changes are part of the FHFA’s directive under the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer protection act passed by Congress in May 2018, and come as questions arise as to whether Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be using newer credit scoring models than the current FICO models they rely on.

House committee votes to end FHA Short Refi program On Thursday, the House Financial services committee passed, by a 33-22 vote, legislation to eliminate the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) short-refinance program and put the brakes on $1 billion of funding designed to assist unemployed borrowers. The bills will be opened to the House floor next week.

Recent indicators suggest that the U.S. is experiencing a moderate rebound in economic growth in the current quarter following a temporary drop in activity in the first quarter, according to.

Fannie Mae says consumer spending will continue to support the economy. The company’s Economic Summary for. These positive developments suggest a modest rebound in residential fixed investment in.

KEYWORDS Economic and Housing Outlook Economic and Strategic Research Group Economic growth fannie mae The recent hurricanes did not cause. “We expect economic activity to rebound in coming months,

This can have ripple effects throughout the rest of the economy. has yet to fully rebound from the last recession. “The.

Recent indicators suggest that the US is experiencing a moderate rebound in economic growth in the current quarter following a temporary drop in activity in the first quarter, according to Fannie Mae’s (FNMA/OTC) Economic & Strategic Research (ESR) Group. The strong US dollar and challenges in the.

However, have you read the article that was published on the Fannie Mae site on June 23, 2015 called "Economic Rebound on the Horizon with Q1 Slump in Rearview Mirror," by Katie Penote? It actually gave me quite a bit of hope for this upcoming quarter and I hope it does the same for you.

Company Spotlight: Alight Hit the Spotlight button, that color takes over your screen, and you can wave. applied to optimizing its internal company culture – a hope shaken by this. Today's update gives riders a light too, which is great if you're one of.Obama scorecard shows home equity highest since 3Q 2008 – The negative equity problem may actually be pushing up home prices at the bottom of some of the hardest-hit housing markets, according to a report from CoreLogic ($18.31 0.28%) [2]. The national supply of unsold homes dropped to 6.5 months in April from nine months last June. But the decline occurred less because of an increase in sales.Counterpoint: Race does matter in mortgage lending Back on "Section X" of a residential mortgage loan application, borrowers are asked to check boxes to indicate what their ethnicity and race are. It’s not unusual when I take a loan application and the borrower wants to mark the box that it’s none of the the government’s business.

chief economist at Fannie Mae. “While we expect modest growth to continue in 2018, the potential for fiscal stimulus remains a notable wild card.” Data suggest second-quarter economic growth will.

Wells economist: Foreclosure supply points to ‘long, arduous’ recovery economist stan leibowitz argued in the wall street journal that although only 12% of homes had negative equity, they comprised 47% of foreclosures during the second half of 2008. He concluded that the extent of equity in the home was the key factor in foreclosure, rather than the type of loan, credit worthiness of the borrower, or ability to pay.

The yield on 10 year U.S. Treasuries is skyrocketing, the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA:SPY) has been down for 9 of the last 11 trading days and troubling economic news is pouring. 10 According to a shocking.

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“However, we expect growth to rebound this quarter as special factors that weighed on growth partially unwind,” Duncan said. Fannie Mae explained that some economic data, such as consumer spending and.