I’ll take Cordray for $45,303

Ohio Democrats who were hoping that Richard Cordray, the former state treasurer and attorney general, might rush in on a white horse, with a hardy "Heigh Looks like Ohio Dems will do without.

Cordray is a 5 time undefeated champion of "Jeopardy" and a semifinalist of the "Tournament of Champions". In 1987 his total winnings from the show was $45,303. He used most of the money to pay some of his college tuition and the rest to buy a used car. Can you imagine being a 5 time "Jeopardy" champion?

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Richard Cordray, director of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, will appear on Jeopardy! on February 5, about 27 years after he won $45,303 as a contestant on the game show. Cordray.

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But Trump named Mulvaney the head of the agency shortly after Cordray appointed English, signaling a showdown over who will take charge of the federal watchdog. I’m going forward tonight and.

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Cordray is an undefeated five-time champion and Tournament of Champions semifinalist on Jeopardy! In 1987 he won $45,303 from the show, which he used to pay law school debt, to pay taxes and to buy a used car.

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Flood insurance pits homeowners against taxpayers "The Senate bill not only fails to address the $24 billion the National Flood Insurance Program owes to taxpayers – it saddles the program with another $2.1 billion in debt," SmarterSafer said.

Cordray the late-breaking favorite. Broad St., Columbus, starting at 7:30 p.m. Straight From The Source “Guess I’ll scrap my plan to vote in every Franklin County House district.” – Jim Siegel of.

Cordray uttered his remarks in a low, lawyerly register that rarely fluctuated. Even when making slam-dunk points, he never italicized his comments with a raised voice, or other standard oratory flair.

As the next governor, I promise you I’ll get you down that path.” These were strong words from Schiavoni in a debate that was largely devoid of confrontation. The event was a missed opportunity for.

In 1987, Cordray won $45,303 over the course of an entire week – earning more "than I did [clerking] for the Supreme Court for a year," he told the Daily News.