Open Letter from RE/MAX to President Obama and Governor Romney

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Coming on the heels of Mitt Romney’s claim Thursday that he had paid at least a 13 percent rate on his taxes the past 10 years, the Obama campaign penned an open letter. clear that President Obama.

The following letter was issued today, October 25, 2012, to President Obama and Governor Romney, from Dave Liniger, Co-Founder and Chairman of RE/MAX, LLC: We have just witnessed the last of three.

So of course, this is the perfect week to examine the open government policies of President Obama. and accessible to the public," according to POGO’s letter to the Obama administration. If Romney.

RE/MAX Co-Founder and Chairman Dave Liniger issued an open letter to President Obama and Governor Romney addressing the state of the U.S. housing market. Liniger says housing is key to fixing the U.S. economy. The below letter was issued on October 25, 2012: We have just witnessed the last of three presidential debates in anticipation of elections now just 2 weeks away.

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The only chance the Obama campaign has of getting those documents is if the media pressure forces Romney into it. But with the media tsk-tsking the Obama campaign’s mudslinging, and the Romney campaign acting righteously indignant over Harry Reid’s accusations, a polite open letter is the only way it can hope to get any results.