Congress debates potential Janet Yellen nomination

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Three weeks ago, Janet Yellen. details of a debate within the White House have become public. This episode presents the sort of natural experiment that whets the appetite of economists. It’s a bit.

The Senate also moved Janet Yellen to the brink of becoming the first woman to head the Federal Reserve, voting 59-34 to end debate on her nomination.

America’s surging public debt outlook should be keeping people awake at night, the Federal Reserve chair has warned as congress debates tax cuts that could further boost the US deficit. In testimony.

On this episode of C-SPAN’s The Weekly Podcast: A new year brings to Washington a familiar face to the job of Speaker. Nancy Pelosi becomes the first House Member since Sam Rayburn in 1955 to hold.

Story Continued Below “She’s very political, and to a certain extent, I think she should be ashamed of herself,” Trump said of Fed Chair Janet Yellen in. for the Fed is the potential for those.

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As the U.S. emerged from recession in the summer of 2009, Janet Yellen, then. Fed officials, the Journal looked at texts of speeches and congressional testimony. Economists say it is possible inflation can still catch fire if banks lend more. While the strategy being debated leaves the Fed plenty of flexibility, it might not.

clear that the debate is far from over, and Summers, who is closer to the president’s inner circle, could in fact be the front-runner. Gauging the potential market impact depends on how the market characterizes the monetary policy framework of each candidate. markets perceive janet yellen to be a dovish version of Ben Bernanke.

Yellen tells Congress to expect more rate hikes. The chair of the Federal Reserve cited the stronger U.S. economy and lower unemployment rate as reasons for increasing interest rates.

FORTUNE – Rumors run rampant that President Obama will soon announce his intention to nominate Janet Yellen to. and Congress had the same clarity of purpose), which gives heartburn to Republicans.

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