RealtyTrac’s Sharga: Banks still holding 70% of REO from market

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The bank reported a profit for the first time since 2014 last year, but shareholders are still not satisfied. Deutsche. For loans issued after July 1, 2014, you’ll have a 20-year repayment term while loans issued before this date have a 25-year.

Interesting how the underwriters at the bank get it now – housing is going to continue to fall 20+ percent in a lot of areas – but their REO departments are not, by still holding on to their pigs at wishing price. I’d like to see them loan 90% LTV on their REO’s if they think they’re such a good deal.

RealtyTrac’s Sharga: Banks still holding 70% of REO from market Gets m warehouse line extension from PNC Bank – barcap expects minimal secondary market impact from HARP extension RealtyTrac’s Sharga: Banks still holding 70% of REO from market Jon Prior was a reporter with HousingWire through late 2012. Jobs, low interest and tight inventory set stage for 2015 growth "The lack of inventory has pushed up home prices by 48 percent from the low point in 2011, while wage growth. continued job creation should set the stage for a more meaningful increase in home.

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RealtyTrac’s Sharga: Banks still holding 70% of REO from market That puts foreclosure-related filings on a pace to hit about 3.5 million this year, up from more than 2.3 million last year. "The sheer scale of the problem is preventing the loan modification programs from having the kind of impact we’d all like" said Rick Sharga, RealtyTrac.