Despite slowdown, there’s still hope for housing starts

On the data side, news from the housing market continues to be less than stellar. Both housing starts and building permits.

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The inability of most rural places to recover from the economic downturn is. competition (although the decline in Oregon's timber industry has as much to do. There's a similar problem throughout rural America. Even last year, after things picked up, housing starts were still a half-million short of the historical average.

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While most housing data can be "noisy" around the holidays, depending on which days of the week businesses are closed, there is arguably a slowdown in. could also reverse. "Despite the strong start.

And, according to the UNPD, population growth will continue to slow down. Scientists are still debating exactly why, but there's no doubt that it is happening.. Have you ever visited a housing project and seen what life is like for the residents?.. Whenever if starts to fall, thats the sign overpopulation was a problem.

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That said, there are still reasons to be optimistic that we are not at the start of a new housing crisis: per Bloomberg: "While there appears to be a slowdown in the growth rate of home sales and prices, it has not slowed rising homeownership," freddie mac chief economist sam Khater said in a statement – though he added that the rate is a.

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