4506-T electronic signatures begin

As you embark upon this paperless journey, you are going to need e-signatures to make paperless business processes a reality. Electronic signature solution enables you to give up the traditional style.

This document includes the requirements for the suggested framework which all IVES Participants must adhere to in order to participate using electronic signatures for IRS Forms 4506-T or 4506T-EZ.

How to eSign a document? 4506-T Electronic Signature Capability Lenders now have the capability to utilize IRS E-Signature for their 4506-T verifications with Avantus. This completely paperless process can significantly reduce costs and turnaround time by reducing errors and lag time associated with the traditional "wet" signature process.

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Today, five days after President Obama signed the fiscal cliff legislation into law via autopen, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will begin accepting electronic signatures on the common mortgage origination document, Form 4506-T. This is the beginning of an electronic trend for the 2013 mortgage market. The acceptance of electronic signatures on the request form will reduce paperwork requirements for lenders and borrowers, and should speed up the process for closing or modifying a loan.

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The Infobytes blog of Buckley Sandler LLP notes that electronic signatures allow the IRS to process more than 20 million form 4506-T requests a year; this is the form that requests the transcript of a tax return, commonly used in obtaining a mortgage.

Electronic Signatures on IRS form 4506-T: Now a Reality! A tax return transcript is the dire need of every mortgage origination and loan modification. The 4506-T forms are the only documents in the loan origination process that require handwritten signature and are used by lenders for the verification of borrower’s income. This has increased need for e-signatures on 4506-T forms.

Five days after President Obama signed the bill, the Internal Revenue Service will begin accepting electronic signatures on the common mortgage origination document, Form 4506-T. The tax return transcript is a requirement for the majority of all mortgage originations and loan modifications.

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