Nevada has the most underwater homeowners

But the number of underwater homeowners there has dropped to 32 percent. The California Association of Realtors expects a 2-percent rise in the median home price in 2011. Of course, this is an organization that relies on homes sales, so we can take this forecast with a grain of salt.

Utah County, as a whole, has 39 percent of its mortgage holders under water. Nevada, meanwhile, has a staggering 67 percent rate of underwater mortgages. Many of these homeowners may not. For the.

Pyramid Lake, Nevada - What You Don't See While a third of homeowners with mortgages is underwater, 90 percent of underwater homeowners are current on their mortgage and continue to make payments. Because most refinance loans require the homeowner to have at least a 20% equity stake. Refinancing an underwater mortgage takes a special type of refinance program.

17% of Illinois homes are seriously underwater. Illinois’ sky-high property tax rates and lackluster economic growth have aggravated the state’s housing crisis.

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Ohio, once a hefty contributor to the nation’s industrial might, is now among the hardest-hit regions, with four of its major cities listed among the metros with the most seriously underwater homeowners.

But that is only a fraction of the estimated 11 million homeowners who are underwater. President Barack Obama will showcase the changes at a stop on Monday in Nevada, the first leg. the need for.

More than 45 percent of homes were underwater in Nevada in the first quarter, the most in the country. according to the Standard & Poor’s Case-Shiller home price index. That has allowed underwater.

These are the states with the most homes underwater: 1. nevada Percent mortgages underwater: 61.2 percent total property value: .39 billion (23rd lowest)

On a state level, Nevada has the highest percentage of homeowners with negative equity, with 67 percent underwater, Zillow found. Arizona (with 52 percent), Georgia (47 percent), Florida (46 percent) and Michigan (42 percent) also have high percentages of underwater homeowners.

Almost 5 percent of homeowners with a mortgage in the nation owe more than twice what their house is worth (see figure 2). While a third of homeowners with mortgages is underwater, 90 percent of underwater homeowners are current on their mortgage and continue to make payments.

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