Moody’s: Single-family rental equity securitization poses more risk

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Moody s Investors Service just flagged a risk in bonds backed by single-family rentals: there aren t enough special servicers. Right now, the field is limited to two players: Midland Loan Services and Situs Holdings.. Small Field of Special Servicers Poses Risk in Rental Deals By. Felipe Ossa;

Finally, there was confusion about how to structure an SFR securitization and what tensions and risks would exist in that structure. There was also some uncertainty about whether an SFR securitization would be more like CMBS or RMBS. Like RMBSs, the underlying assets of SFRs are single-family homes.

But the new asset class poses some significant challenges from a valuation standpoint. Unlike mortgages in a standard Residential Mortgage Backed Security, the single-family rentals that underlie the securitizations are scrutinized by rating agencies and investors alike, making accurate valuations more important than ever.

Home Equity ABS Basics. Sources: Moody’s, Bloomberg, Asset Securitization Report II. What Is a Home Equity Loan?. Reperforming loans pose greater credit risk than "clean" prime-quality mortgage loans, but they pose less prepayment risk. Borrowers on reperforming loans have few, if any.

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Utilize the equity in your rental property. Single-family rental property, one of the most talked-about new asset classes in structured finance, appears to be undergoing a reassessment. The second-ever rental securitization may have gotten slightly higher marks from one credit rating agency, but investors judged colony american Homes’ $513 million deal, which priced on April 3, more critically than they did the first such deal, which.