HUD Secretary Ben Carson apparently doesn’t know what an REO is

"Do you know what an REO is?" Porter asked. "An Oreo?" Carson replied, apparently thinking of cookies. After that exchange, Carson said he would get Porter in touch with "people who do that" (deal with foreclosed properties) at HUD, though that was something she was already somewhat of an expert, having been California’s independent monitor of banks in a nationwide $25 billion.

Carson has been the secretary of HUD for more than two years and apparently doesn’t know what REO means. "No, not an Oreo," Porter replied to Carson’s cookie query. "An R-E-O. REO." Carson then offered up: "Real estate.?" getting the first two letters of the acronym correct.

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HUD Secretary ben carson apparently doesn’t know what an REO is Under questioning from rep. katie porter, Carson confuses REO with Oreo

 · Ben Carson, the secretary of housing and urban development, wanted to talk about a North Carolina company he thinks could play a role in making new.

During a House Financial Services Committee hearing on Tuesday, Porter asked Carson if he is familiar with an REO – or real. the position of HUD secretary. Rep. Katie Porters says it "appears" HUD.

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HUD Secretary Ben Carson appears before the senate banking committee, March 22, 2018.. “Ben Carson doesn’t know what an REO property is, thinks he’s being asked about Oreos.”

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"Real estate owned – that’s what happens when a property goes into foreclosure, we call it an REO, and FHA loans have much higher REOs, that is, they go into foreclosure rather than into loss mitigation or to non-foreclosure alternatives like short sales, than comparable loans" at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Porter explained, as if.

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Every day I wonder if I’ve woken up in a bad Chevy Chase movie. I know, I know. "Bad Chevy Chase movie" is redundant. But the script today couldn’t have been more ludicrous. Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) had the misfortune of having to interact with HUD Secretary and sentient puddle of slug waste, Ben Carson during a hearing today.