Number of Americans in foreclosure plummets: LPS

Survey: The Number of Americans in Foreclosure Down 25 Percent. In line with LPS data, the National Association of Realtors reported Wednesday that distressed homes – foreclosures and short sales – accounted for 18 percent of sales in April, down from 21 percent in March and 28 percent in April 2012.

Mortgage litigation reached an all-time high in the fourth quarter of 2011 with 244 pending cases, 99 of which are foreclosure-related, and 70 of which are related to mortgage servicing (Cho, 2012; Dayen, 2012; Mortgage Daily, 2012).

A class action suit in federal court in Mississippi against the foreclosure contractor lender processing services includes similar allegations. The suit, which the U.S. Justice Department has joined.

For the sixth consecutive month, Florida posted the nation’s highest state foreclosure rate, with one in every 282 properties facing a foreclosure filing in February. A total of 31,726 Florida.

Two Harbors markets first private RMBS Two Harbors Investment Corp., one of the few regular sponsors of private-label mortgage securitization post-financial crisis, is pulling out of the market. The real estate investment trust said Thursday that its board of directors has approved a plan to discontinue the mortgage loan conduit and securitization business.

2 Foreclosures by Race and Ethnicity: The Demographics of a Crisis s ince housing prices began their precipitous decline in January 2007 and foreclosure rates skyrocketed, no one has assessed exactly how many mortgages have ended in foreclosure or who has been affected. Although a number of useful mortgage databases are available, there is no

Record number of homes in foreclosure LPS report reveals hopeful long-term trends By Inman News, Friday, December 2, 2011. Foreclosure sign image via Shutterstock. The foreclosure pipeline has never been more crammed, with lenders attempting to push 2.2 million homes through the process as of the end of October, according to a monthly report issued.

Mortgage Delinquency and Foreclosure Trends-Mississippi. including Bank of America/Countrywide and Wells Fargo, provided data to LPS. The data set does not include loans from smaller servicers, which service a larger share of the prime market.. and foreclosure rates (total number of loans in the. improves foreclosure outcomes for lenders and servicers How Receivership Works in Commercial Real Estate.. why would a lender prefer this to a foreclosure sale?. a borrower benefits from the appointment of a receiver if it increases the property’s value through improved management. The greater the net proceeds from a foreclosure or receiver.

Administration officials emphasized the report’s positive news, especially the cumulative number of borrowers. There were nearly 3.3 million foreclosure starts from September 2009 through September.

Wells Fargo officially reaches $1.2B settlement over its FHA lending WASHINGTON (AP) – Wells Fargo says CEO John Stumpf and the executive who ran the bank’s retail banking division will forfeit tens of millions of dollars in pay as the bank tries to stem a scandal over.

The LPS data set is compiled from mortgage servicing firms that collect mortgage payments for investors and lenders and that handle the associated REO. By September 2010, each of the top twelve servicers, including Bank of America/Countrywide and Wells Fargo, provided data to LPS.

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