Black Knight: Home prices barely nudge

 · Black Knight Home Price Index Report: U.S. Home Prices Hit New Peak in February, Rising 0.8 Percent for the Month, Up 5.7 Percent Year-Over-Year

Black Knight Financial Services said on Monday that prices on its national Home price index (hpi) rose at a lower rate, not only on an annual basis, but also month-over-month than in June. Black Knight’s HPI was up 0.5 percent from June to July, down from a 0.9 percent gain in June.

 · Press Release Black Knight Home Price Index Report: U.S. Home Prices Continue to Hit New Highs in April, Rising 1.2 Percent from March, Up 6.0 Percent Year-Over-Year

That’s helped nudge mortgage rates lower, offering a breather for a strained housing market. So far in 2018, the benchmark 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has averaged 4.42%, up from 3.99% in 2017.

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Economic strength hinges on China New home sales drop in August The West accounted for 26.6 percent of new home sales in August, and had an increase in sales of 8.0 percent. It is the South that moves the dial with 56.3 percent of new home sales in August. The South saw a sales decline of 12.3 percent for the month. Strong demographic momentum in the South implies ongoing demand for new homes.Gauging the strength of Chinese innovation | McKinsey – China does well in customer- and manufacturing-oriented innovation, though not. Yet it raises questions such as how drastically the expansion of GDP will slow.. cheaper and better products designed to offer hardware features as good as.

Black Knight: Home prices so close to a new national peak The Data & Analytics division of Black Knight Financial Services released its latest Home Price Index report, based on November 2016 residential real estate transactions. The company finds that after rising 5.7% from the start of 2016, U.

1 in 5 mortgages drowning A rising tide does not necessarily raise every boat – just the ones big enough to catch the waves. Despite a strong rebound in home prices on a national level in recent years, borrowers at the.

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Dick Bove: Mortgage lending won’t exist without Fannie, Freddie Bush’s FHA Plan May Only Reach 10 Percent of At-Risk Subprime Borrowers REITs gain traction  · A fatter wallet also means better rent-paying ability that drives demand for apartments. As a result, REITs stand to gain with growth in occupancy and hike in rents. But not all markets are equal.Fixed-mortgage rates reverse course, drop Fixed Mortgage Rates Reverse Course, Move higher. freddie mac released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS ), showing average fixed mortgage rates reversing course and nudging higher for the first time in four weeks.. 30-year fixed Rate Mortgages. According to Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS ) average 30-year fixed rate mortgages averaged 3.94.Present law allows only those who itemize deductions on their federal tax returns to deduct state and local property taxes from their income. Mortgage Revenue Bonds: To provide for refinancing of.Banking analyst Dick Bove, frustrated by a government that he believes has exercised socialist-style control of the banking system, believes it’s finally time for big wall street institutions to.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – July 31, 2017 – Today, the Data and Analytics division of Black Knight Financial Services, Inc. (NYSE: BKFS) released its latest Home Price Index (HPI) report, based on May 2017 residential real estate transactions. The Black Knight HPI utilizes repeat sales data from the nation’s largest public records data set, as well as its market-leading, loan-level mortgage.

Negative equity gap nears $4 trillion  · The U.S. housing market contains a nearly $4 trillion negative equity hole, according to William Emmons, an economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Black Knight Home Price Index Report: January 2017 Transactions — U.S. Home Prices Up 0.1 Percent for the Month; Up 5.4 Percent Year-Over-Year